“I think John definitely got the best out of the space that was available in the house.”

knighton loft conversion

Before making the decision to go with John we had talked to quite a few different loft conversion companies. We spoke to a lot of people and considered lots of things. It was a big, big expense for us so I think value for money was a big issue, and John wasn’t the cheapest. It was a matter of balancing up cost and what John brought to the project. I think it was his reputation in particular, and the fact that he was local, which was why we went with him in the end.

Once the loft conversion got underway it certainly came across that John is somebody who is concerned about his reputation in the local area. We found that as John is a smaller outfit rather than a big company, he is much more personable and easier to talk to. With the study, he really took the time to talk with us about what we wanted and to look at all the options, and then he worked it out. I think that was a real benefit.

We really appreciated the fact that John is a carpenter, so he’s a real craftsman. It particularly shows with the stairs, they’re so beautifully made, and obviously he’s used his skill, it’s not just a ‘bung it in’ kind of approach.

I think John definitely got the best out of the space that was available in the house. Having talked to other people about what you could have, we are really, really amazed at how much space we’ve got. It’s so much bigger than we’d imagined when we first started out.

It was the same with the stairs; we talked to lots of people and looked at different plans because we were concerned with the space they would take up and how they would look, but the stairs are just so unobtrusive, they don’t affect the lower floor at all. They just look like they’re supposed to be there. Other people were talking about shaving a bit off here and a bit off there and actually, the way they’ve gone in, you keep all that space and it’s still very light, very roomy.

We were impressed with the way John worked, talking us through the process at the beginning with the plans and covering all the options. I think that it was really good being able to have all those conversations, a real plus. He was also very aware of the fact that you have an impact on where you live. In particular he was very considerate of our neighbours and that really helped us because we were a bit worried about causing disruption to our neighbours. I think that it’s important to think about that side of things.

We would happily recommend John; in fact we have already recommended him to somebody. I think the quality of the work has been really good and we are very happy with the end result.

Charles and Pauline Ndigirwa, Knighton, Leicester

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