Creative Storage Solutions for your Loft Conversion


The main preparation that you will need to make before John and the team can begin work on your loft conversion is to clear out your loft. This can seem like a daunting prospect but think of it as an opportunity to get rid of things you’ve been hoarding for years, a chance to sell a few things on Ebay, or donate to the local charity shop.

Even after your clear out there will inevitably be some things that will still need to be stored. Having a loft conversion certainly doesn’t mean you lose all of your loft storage space. Once your loft conversion is finished there will be areas between the roof and the walls of your room which provide ample space for the storage of suitcases, your tent and the Christmas tree!

John will discuss your options at the planning stage and as the build progresses to make sure you have the space you need and suitable access to it.

Many people opt for a false door which is barely visible and can be completely removed to allow easy access to the storage space.

If you are keen to keep your new space uncluttered, the space behind the wall provides John with an excellent opportunity to create cupboards, drawers and book cases that are set into the walls, cleverly reducing the need for extra furniture and thereby preserving that sense of light and space that makes your loft conversion so special.

Storage options within your new room

There are some great examples of how John has created stylish and practical storage solutions for our customers in the photo gallery above.

John will happily talk through your ideas with you and explore the possibilities for your loft conversion. Or if you are really not sure what you want, he’ll have plenty of suggestions.

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