“..John inspired the most confidence and set out the process the most clearly.”


“Before we decided to go ahead with the loft conversion we had several quotes done, but John inspired the most confidence and set out the process the most clearly. Also we had some really good positive references from other people who said he’d done a grand job for them.

We felt that John really listened to what we were saying.

For example, at one point we weren’t happy with where the door to the second bedroom was going to be on the plans.

We had a chat with John and I asked if it would be possible to move it to where it is now, He really seemed to listen and think it through, and then the door was moved. So it wasn’t as though the plans were set in stone, there was some give, and that was really useful.

I think that’s what you get from a company like Clarendon Carpentry, rather than from a bigger company that might be a lot more specific about sticking rigidly to the plan.

We would definitely recommend Clarendon Carpentry. In fact we told someone who lives nearby that we were very happy with our loft conversion and she subsequently had her loft conversion done by John.

It does give us a lot more space and we’ve found that it’s really helpful with the heat retention in the house. We are really happy with it.

We have subsequently had solar panels fitted to the roof and the only thing we would say in hindsight is that it would probably have been useful to have the two things done at the same time. The irony was that the roof was done so well that it was difficult for them to put the solar panels on. Thinking about it we possibly would have rethought where we put the veluxes. Worth bearing in mind for anyone who is planning to fit solar panels sometime in the future.”

George and Mags Lewis, Clarendon Park, Leicester

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