A lounge loft conversion

Lounge Loft Conversion for Gaming

I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts on the variety of different ways our customers use their loft conversions to share some of the imagination and inspiration that we’ve come across. To get the ball rolling I thought I’d start with our own loft.

It was a fairly short conversation before John and I agreed that we wanted our loft conversion to be an additional lounge. We’ve created lots of open plan space downstairs by knocking through from the dining room to the lounge and from the office through to the hall, which is great for a sense of light and space, but which can make it difficult to get away from people!

Lounge Loft Conversion

Lounge Loft Conversion Inspiration

With only one child we didn’t really need an extra bedroom but we decided an extra lounge space would give us more options as our son grows up, for all the competing demands on the living space in terms of entertainment and relaxation.

It was great when Jai was younger and other families came round. The children could have the run of the ground floor and out in to the garden without having to stress about taking shoes on and off (no carpet downstairs!), and the adults could retreat to the peace and tranquillity of the loft lounge. The large dormer windows meant that we could easily keep an eye on what was going on in the garden.

Lounge Loft Conversion for Gaming

Our lounge loft conversion makes a great space for an afternoon playing computer games

Over the years we have found so many additional uses for the room. It works great as a home cinema and I’ve even had a book group up there. Now Jai is older he often escapes to the loft with his friends and it becomes a gaming room for the afternoon, although ferrying snacks and drinks upstairs is a bit of a chore!

When the house fills with guests at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, it’s easy to transform the room into a guest room and there’s loads of space for mattresses on the floor and it’s a great place to wake up in the morning. It’s worth thinking about blackout blinds or curtains if you plan on using your lounge loft conversion as an occasional bedroom. Its ok in the winter but we do find that the room gets light ridiculously early in the summer. The vertical blinds that we have chosen are great for adjusting the view that you want or keeping direct sunlight out during the day, but they don’t keep the room dark early on a summer morning.

Lounge loft conversion for meditation

This is the perfect quiet space for meditation and relaxation

My favourite way of using the room is as a meditation space. I do Transcendental Meditation which means I need to find a quiet 20 minutes twice a day, in the morning and evening. The loft doesn’t get any through traffic and it feels a long way above all the morning hubbub of breakfast and people getting ready for work and school. A perfect escape that’s hard to leave!

The bi-fold doors provide a great view and on the sultriest of summer evenings can find you a breeze if they are opened right up. Twice a year they are opened in winter too. November the 5th and December 31st, for a great view of the fireworks!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your own lounge loft conversion you can see some more pictures of the space we created here.

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