Lofts that Last!


Back in 2000, one of the first lofts that John did was for our friends Tim and Jill Griffin who live in Knighton, Leicester.

This was long before digital photography came along, but fortunately John did remember to take a few pics once the loft was finished.

John says:

‘This was one of the first sets of stairs I ever made. I was learning the craft under the expert guidance of my friend/guru and Master Carpenter, Ali Dalton. It’s very complicated and you have to get the calculations absolutely spot on. I have to say that making the stair case has become one of my favourite parts of the job now. Ali and I made these stairs together out of Southern Yellow Pine which has a beautiful deep grain. I felt really proud when we had them in place, they looked great.’

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit Tim and Jill’s loft again to take some more pics for the website, fourteen years on!

Tim and Jill comments:

‘We loved the loft when it was first done and we still love it now. We can’t imagine the house without that room.’

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